With 25 years of experience, Sigma Properties is a property management company specialized in developing and reutilizing heritage buildings to turn them into key pieces of urban infrastructure.

In 1992, the company started acquiring unique properties in Cairo and Alexandria to become the leading Egyptian heritage real-estate developer. Currently owning 30 historic properties, the objective was to create a portfolio of buildings that could deliver cultural and social benefits to different neighborhoods by reintegrating them into the community.

While it is important to create a significant return on investment for our clients and investors, it never comes at the expense of a property’s architectural identity so we take great care into preserving its authenticity. Our efforts are focused on reconnecting the past with the present to transition into the future, through redeveloping these historic landmarks into full functioning properties with a symbiotic relationship towards their modern surroundings

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Established in 1959 by a group of brothers, Sigma Group initially started as a small company and grew to become the leading supplier of pipelines in the Middle East.

The family enterprise is now a thriving shareholding company with five additional independent divisions operating in pump supply, marine equipment, petroleum services, chemical manufacturing and real estate. The business is currently led by different generations who are jointly working to maintain the family’s legacy through constantly expanding its activity into diversified fields.

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As cities focus on new developments and turn their back on their roots, Sigma Properties is allowing Cairene and Alexandrian citizens to rediscover their heritage through places with a unique sense of culture.

Our mission is to add all the right elements for the rehabilitation of historic buildings into modern life through repurposing key heritage properties and making them relevant again. Our method from acquisition to development is also based on an informative approach, which allows us to shed the light on the cultural enrichment that each building brings into its direct environment.

Our strength is in our process. Sigma Properties is always looking to provide its clients and investors with the best service experience through its meticulous approach and direct involvement in every phase of the project. The company is constantly seeking special investment opportunities by acquiring unique assets, while its financial and legal experience allows us to properly assess each property with an unmatched capability to estimate its real value.

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At Sigma Properties, we are looking forward to a future where our untraditional take towards urban renewal and development will trigger a ripple effect that will initiate different actions to preserve these historical buildings.

The vision is to build a sustainable business model to create new urban narratives, where disused buildings are being redeveloped to meet modern needs and generate new business opportunities. Ultimately, Sigma Properties aspires to be one of the largest integrated property development companies within the Mediterranean area and aims to highlight the historical significance of architecture in the region.

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We believe that it is possible to build a successful business that meshes with our values; Sigma Properties prides itself in its ethics and its ability to embed its corporate culture across all its divisions.
- Intellectual Affinity
Our passion for knowledge is definitely the origin for our business and the major driving force in all our work. We share a common appreciation for stimulating intellectual connections and personal development, which creates an innate corporate culture with a high level of expertise.
- Economic Sustainability
Our approach is highly result-oriented; we are always looking to build profitable business models that can be easily replicated throughout our projects. This constant need for a sustainable practice is not only driven by our responsibility to offer our clients the best return on their investments but also our sense of duty towards the community.
- Social Integrity
Our protocol adheres to strong social values; we always take the necessary measures to ethically handle all our acquisitions and create the most appropriate solution for their redevelopment. In the process, we review all possible scenarios to identify how they could potentially affect different stakeholders within the community.
- Community Engagement:
Our environment encourages teamwork and sharing different perspectives, we believe in the synergy created from the involvement of various parties who consolidate their efforts to achieve a common goal. From our team to our partners and stakeholders, we invest in building strong relations with our internal and external communities to create a resourceful network that gives back to society.

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With both tenants and investors in mind, our process allows us to assess all the factors as well as run through a number of hypothetical scenarios in order to deal with the legislation and policies related to the acquisition.

- Phase1: Property Scouting looking for and finding interesting investment properties.
- Phase2: Property Inspection surveying and appraising properties to determine their condition.
- Phase3: Feasibility Study assessing and estimating the profitability of the restoration project.
- Phase4: Legal Assessment identifying and determining legal status.
- Phase5: Acquiring Process managing the purchasing process of properties.
- Phase6: Restoring and Development Process refurbishing and updating properties.
- Phase7: Marketing Activities promoting properties.

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Our scope of work fits into the framework of our different values; it allows us to maintain the authenticity of each historical site while still being able to create profitable businesses and employment opportunities.

- Property Management:
We rehabilitate heritage buildings into fully functioning real estate properties. We increase their value through restoring, remodeling and repurposing them to accommodate commercial and hospitality projects.

- Facility Management:
We directly manage our clients’ properties through a wide range of services including: operations, maintenance, landscaping, façade cleaning, security, electro-mechanical and plumbing.

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With their forward thinking and capability to detect profitable investment opportunities, the founding brothers sparked the creation of Sigma Properties and turned a small division in their family business into a successful shareholding company. Their clear strategic vision as the board of directors actively brought back forgotten heritage buildings into the community, transforming the company into the leading Egyptian heritage real-estate developer.

Determined to carry on the family’s legacy, the younger generation of senior managers is currently taking Sigma Properties’ corporate vision into a new era with their combined skills. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise are the perfect representation of the company’s corporate culture, as they embody the essence of a transversal synergetic team.

At Sigma Properties, we definitely understand that our strong team of experts represents the main pillar for our ability to offer high quality services. Our organizational structure is designed to manage a wide array of highly specialized individuals across our different departments as well as foster a corporate culture of appreciation and empowerment. Passion, talent, professionalism and entrepreneurship are reflected in our general inclination to provide our utmost dedication to every single project while still being able to maintain an efficient and effective workflow.

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Eng. Mohamed Abdel-Meguid : Board Member and Managing Director of Sigma Properties since 2005, his strategic thinking and analytical skills allow him to plan the company’s growth while still being true to its roots. His role is to ensure continuity for the corporate vision and challenging the entire team with stimulating ideas for the development of the company. With a BA in Industrial Engineering from Arab Academy for Science and Technology as well as an MBA from ESLSCA Business School, his 12-year experience in the real estate family business contributed in the acquisition and restoration of several heritage properties in Downtown Alexandria, Egypt.

Mr. Karim Mahmoud : Board Member and Business Development Director of Sigma Properties since 2010, his affinity for storytelling allows him to properly communicate the company’s vision and attract people who share its passion. His capability to bring together all the right elements and encourage the sharing of expertise across each project’s team plays an important role in the implementation of the corporate strategy and in its success. With a BA in Business Administration from Arab Academy for Science and Technology, in addition to 10 years of experience in brand management (Suzuki Egypt, Sessa Marine) and business development (Zodiac Egypt) his work contributed to finding new business opportunities for the company as well as maintaining its impeccable image within the industry and among its stakeholders.

Eng. Ibrahim El-Hennawy: Operational Manager of Sigma Properties since 2009, his technical background and structured mindset drive his managerial approach in the implementation of the company’s operational tasks as well as managing cross-disciplinary logistics to ensure quality at every stage of a project. With a BA in Architecture from the Faculty of Engineering at Alexandria University, an MBA from ESLSCA Business School and a Diploma in Real Estate Management from the American University in Cairo, his 20-year experience as a property consultant and Managing Director (Edar Amlak Real Estate) built his acute ability to evaluate properties and effectively manage the company’s workflow.